Beautiful Kilshane House Wedding

Sebastian Felisiak
14 min readDec 17, 2020

Maeve and William’s Wedding Beautiful Celebration

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If you’ve been following my wedding photography or checked my portfolio, you already know that I love the unusual, here at Art Wedding Photograph y. Here we are about couples being real and having the time of their lives on their wedding day.

Maeve and William’s wedding was no different. It had everything from “Wow moments” to “Oh no moments” and everything in between. There were even fireworks, and I don’t just mean the one sizzling between this gorgeous couple. This wedding was the bomb, and you should have been there.

But then again, this is my job. Being able to document and share all the special moments that happened on the 4th of May, 2019 is my passion. I love telling this couple’s wedding day love story using pictures in such a way that those who could not be there can experience bits of it. But enough about me. Let’s talk about the Kilshane House Wedding and Maeve and William.

The Venue

Kilshane House is where the uniqueness of this wedding starts. Built-in 1822 this venue is majestic, magical and is a prime place where dreams can come true. You will enjoy exclusivity, tall glass windows and architectural wonders that would blow the mind. This venue has so many picturesque locations and details. I made sure I got as many as them as possible in this wedding album.

Getting Ready

The pictures of this moment start with the important details from the bridal room. Deer heads, shoes from Badgely Mischka, a gorgeous wedding gown and an eye-catching ring, are some of the elements I captured. I was also able to get shots of Maeve, her bouquet and a beautiful hair accessory.

Next, I captured William and his guys getting ready. Personalized leather flasks, Cuban cigars and shot glasses are some of the details I captured. The groomsmen got prepared and shared a drink before something strange happened. One of the groomsmen discovered someone had pants with a split!!! I loved how this was handled; it was all smiles and ease until this was sorted out.

That wasn’t all though; we had to chase after the vows at some point too. So, you can see how fun this was. We have amazing fun pictures from the groom and groomsmen getting ready. The bride and the bridesmaid weren’t left out either.

They popped champagne in their unique dressing gowns and had a toast to the wedding. Then everyone got ready, and Maeve had a first look moment with her dad. She looked so gorgeous. I also got some fantastic portrait of her all dressed up before heading to the ceremony space.

The Ceremony

I love the circular arrangement around the fountain that this ceremony space had. Maeve looked amazing walking down the aisle, and the couple looked cherubic standing by the celebrant with the sunlight reflecting off them.

They recited their vows and exchanged rings. Then they had a unity candle ceremony, and soon, they were Mr and Mrs It was beautiful to be a part of. What really stood out about this celebration was how cosy their ceremony seating was. The couple was never too far from their loved ones the entire time.

The Photo Session

After the ceremony, this couple had a little bit of a meet and greet first. Then we went off to the photo session while their guests had cocktail hour. The love between Maeve and William is fantastic, and you can see it in the pictures from this session.

I was able to capture some really great portrait of them individually too. Next, I captured the couple and their wedding party of ten on the deck. I also got a few shots of the bridesmaids together and the groomsmen together. After this, it was time to head to the reception.

The Reception

One thing that people admire about Kilshane House Weddings is the décor choices available. Maeve and William chose to light up with string lights. They had their guests seated around circular tables with one square head table for the wedding party.

The entrance of this couple was electric and the speeches amazing. Their first dance was a very magical and romantic moment too. The party after was so much fun, and then it was time to say goodbye.

Maeve and William walked out to a reverse receiving line of their loved ones with sparklers. Another very picturesque moment and then there were fireworks! What a fitting end to a magical day for this couple.

If you love what you see in these pictures, we want to let you know that this could be you. You can have wedding pictures that are candid and show memorable and fun moments at your wedding too. All that stands between you, and that is a click. So, go ahead and click to contact us today.

Kilshane House Wedding

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